February 19th, 2005


okay,  so my mother sux ass

so lets baq track ALOT!


okay so monday, was V day and i got my chochlates or w.e and my movie (Ray)

so i promised josh (keris) bf that on tuesday i would watch it over there and I realli wanted to cuz he has a realli hot brother OMG!! so lovly lol so ne who so my mother is a fuckin pyshco wen it comes to goin to boy houses and shit like that... SO i told her i was goin to terrias house to watch it so she would leave me alone about it.....  to make a long story short i chilled at joshs for a long time cuz  we had to wait for tracy to get there....




we got to joshs it was me keri and  him and we was just watchin a movie cuz we had to wait for tracy till like 5ish soo then  Dave came home =D Js Brother hes like 20-22 lol and hes tall with tight black curly hair butits long enough to put in a lil pony tail thing and he looks soo hot that way. he works at a bank so wen he comes home he looks all dressed up and sharp... he looks old tho so i like him better wen hes in sum sweats and t and a bandana O0O0O baby so0 sexy ... so i sed hi to him and he went up stairs to do w.e

so then i got outside to call tracy (o yea lets remember that im lookin realli pretty today too cuz i knew i was gonna see dave basically lol and my hair was str8gen =D )   so im talkin to Trac and lookin down the street and realize Rich was on his way over... ( can we say FUCK!!!!) soo im like ok w.e idc so he comes up to me andhes like heey i havnt seen u in a while (he actually wasnt on ne thing) and im like yeah ive had a lot of shit to do ya kno... and hes like yeah tru... and hes like who u talkin to and im like my friend. and hes like o.. is it a boy... and i just look at him... and i didnt want to say no but i didnt want to say yes lol so yeah kno...i just looked at him lol and he just went inside and i told tracy how funni it was... soo then i go inside. and rich started buggin for a masage and im like uhh no. mayb later if ur not annoying me and hes like fine. so then Dave came down and he was lookin SOOO GO0D!  and THEN his next line almost gave me an orgasam! hes like " hey mom, im gonna go ride my motorcycle for a while" OMG!!!!!!!!! i was like... omg thats soo sexy.. but i didnt mean to say it out loud lol and he looked at me and smiled sooo sexy


his motorcycle was RED t0 oMG and it was one of those nice slick lookin ones,,,





welll lets just say rich HATED how i was payin mind to dave,,., SOOO jealous AND I WAS HAVIN fun doin it =)




i g2g im at my sisters



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